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This week on In the Palm of Your Hand, Saeki-sensei tries to keep it cool in the wake of his and Izumi-kun’s inappropriate brush, but Izumi-kun seems like he might be up to something… Find out the details in the latest page!

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We’ll also be back with brand-spankin’-new Halliwell Hotel pages starting this Tuesday, so look forward to it, everyone!!

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That moment when you read all the chapters of a manga in one day, the last one ending with a cliffhanger (or literally a clifffaller) only to realise that the next volume comes out in November

You do realize it’s just the next TANKOUBON volume that comes out in November, right?

It’s like 4 days to a new chapter :|

It’s right there on the sidebar.

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"You know Rei that guy with glasses from that one homo anime"


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"He also has a blonde boyfriend" 


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This joke is getting old, but I like this post XD

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robestpierre replied to your post: “tfw a mangaka you love is a fan of your notp”:
Are you referring to Yoneda Kou and sourin

Nope lol. I don’t even read her stuff so she’s just another fan who’s making poor choices.

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Boss just gave us Aug. 14-15 off for Obon, which means I CAN GO TO COMIKET ON FREE! DAY! (was gonna have to miss it because it’s on a weekday :DDD)

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Me trying to get my friends into my fandoms.

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tfw a mangaka you love is a fan of your notp

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Nooo what I meant is the original chapters, like how are they published in Japan (magazine/separately etc.), how often and stuff. Cause some other BL series (Ten Count, Caste Heaven) come out monthly I believe, but it seems to be different with LS

Try that useful link I gave you again and look at the upload dates for the chapters :| It’s not that difficult to figure out a pattern…

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So...I got to the end of HS2 and am left with this one burning question: WHAT HAPPENS TO MAKKOU? We know he isn't in Free!, and we don't see him in flashbacks, so ... !!! (IDK why this dog is preying on my mind so much.)


I’m going to guess though that this is one of the things we just have to hand-wave as “didn’t happen like that in the Free! universe”, much as we have to wonder where the hell characters who had a huge impact on these kids (like Zaki-chan and Ikuya and Asahi) all are lol.

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Fencer, what do you think about how they handled the non-con/smut scene in episode 3 of LS? Personally…i really did not like the whole pink thing. I mean, I'd even prefer the typical blacking out part of scene that has been used in the past to censor things. Maybe I find it weird because it's pink? I am happy they addressed the scene, but I think the way they went about it threw me off. What do you think?
asked by xxk-oticxx

So, I had to rewatch the episode, because I watched it really quickly right before work the first time, and I wanted to watch it more leisurely before I responded to this.

It’s hard to tell how much of it was an artistic choice by the animators and how much was something they were kind of forced into by trying to steer clear of running afoul of the Tokyo Youth Ordinance, but the end result was the same in that it came off…yeah, really pink, lol.

I reread the scene in the manga, and the expressions are the same, the lines are the same, everything is the same…except for that weird extra-dimensional Ryouma and the pink background and all that made it come off a lot more…idk, silly? almost? than it was originally presented.

I’m also not sure if I like or don’t like (though I think I like it; I wouldn’t want to deal with another Domestica incident where the people who watch the watered down anime brush off the rape because ‘it only happened in the novel!’) that they showed the whole scene in all its “glory”, because they could’ve gone a lighter route—maybe when he’s got Izumi unpantsed beneath him they do another elephant joke, and then Ryouma gets horny and thinks about wanting to do all of the things he did to Izumi—but gets stopped just before he does it (and then still has to suffer the consequences of Izumi being terrified of him). I don’t feel like showing the whole scene as it was presented in the manga necessarily elevated the show—but again, like I said, I’m torn, because at least this way everyone is still on the same page and can still have discussions about the scene, unlike with Domestica where I guess they went, “Wow there is NO WAY we can present this scene for air, let’s COMPLETELY change it to just a peck on the lips instead of rape”.