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Went to check out the Free! store and dropped by Toranoana where I had fabulous luck with the gatchapon machines XD

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HaruRin - Free



Be strong, Rin.

This is what would happen though. Reminds me of how he wanted to wear just swimsuits when Rin carried him princess style XD

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I think I heard “Last Race” (but I could be wrong!)

no no I think you’re right, pretty sure I saw some Japanese fans saying that too (full name 明日のラストレース??) and that makes more sense and is infinitely less depressing than Last Place XD;;

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But throughout all of Season 2, Haruka’s been so lost and hesitating, struggling with what to do with his future, […] but Rin just looks so bright to Haruka! He’s been shining brightly since episode 1—like, he knows exactly what he wants to do with his future, goes right for it, sparkling the whole time, says he’s gonna make the best team—but Haruka doesn’t have any of that himself. I mean, of course he wants to swim with his team, but when it comes to his future, he just doesn’t have anything. And I think that’s how it is for your average high-schooler. […] And I think that’s what Rin’s brightness has always been about. Like, even in Haruka’s nightmare, Rin is backlit by this crazy bright light, extending a hand toward Haruka, and the reason he thinks it’s so bright—is because Haru believes that world [Rin is heading to] is such a bright one. 
- Shimazaki Nobunaga, on Haru @ Iwatobi Channel
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Need to see Rin dragging Haru to a steakhouse now

Mamo: Yeah, [regarding announcing they were going to Australia] Rin was like, "We're gonna go eat some Aussie beef."
Zakki: THAT'S NOT WHY THEY WENT. Everyone listening to this recording has already seen episode 12.
Zakki: Okay yes, yes they MIGHT HAVE, but THAT'S NOT WHY THEY WENT.
Mamo: Like, "I'll feed you some beef you've never seen before."
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Hi Fencer! I was just listening to the radio show too and even though they speak way too fast for me to fully understand I know Mamo and Zakki talked a lot about Sousuke, Rin, Haru's future and Australia. Were there any interesting bits you noticed?
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tbhhhhh I zoned out on a lot of the sousuke stuff, BUT

  • zakki and mamo discussing an amakata/sasabe duet CD (and mamo’s ama-chan-sensei imitation XDDD)
  • discussing on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS how Rin is so bright in Haru’s eyes, how he glitters and shines to Haru (once was in the context of the nightmare, which they then extrapolated to indicate that the world Rin was heading toward was bright and brilliant as well, and once in a general sense of how Haru sees Rin)
  • Mamo reenacting some Rin lines, specifically: “I’m going to that place [i.e. the international arena], so you come too! You’re not meant to be finished here!”
  • mamo was supposed to do a sexy rin “逮捕しちゃうぞ” (cutesy way of saying I’m gonna arrest you~) but it mostly came out sounding like SUPER GAY MAMO XD;;; which was not bad
  • Mamo talked a lot about how much Rin has grown, not just in the series overall but this season in particular as well, how he truly didn’t understand Haru’s situation when he confronted him in the locker room, and how genuinely contrite he was when he realized how what he’d said had affected Haru.

Probably some more stuff but that’s what I remember!

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a no.6 au with these two would either be hilarious or disastrous. or both.

hinata would throw open the window and it’d be like WAAAAAH and then kageyama would rescue him and it’d be like WHAOOOO and then they’d blow up the Correctional Facility and it’d be like KABOOOOOOM.

Then sadness :(

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"In the end, no matter how far apart they are, no matter how much they clash, they end up returning to each other.” - Hiroko Utsumi

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Don't mind me, just stuck in a Burimyu/Bleach rut and stalking your burimyu tag
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/hits you with a broom

SHOO, get outta there. Go on, shoo!

I want to marathon the Code Lives so bad these days :| I need to see Tacchan again being adorable. Also Tuti and Nagayan okay? OKay.

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I'm sure you're sick of hearing about this, I find it absolutely scary how many people are (tw) excusing rape jokes and sexist bullshit ONLY because it was said by people of the same ship. When I read those tweets I was disgusted, but I thought "surely this isn't a popular viewpoint" and it IS, there are arguments on my dash saying that we're (rh shippers) are just looking for things to be angry about and that it isn't a big deal. They accused Rin of being an abusive monster, but this is okay?

makoharucentral have been one of the few MH-oriented blogs I’ve seen that have gone out of their way to firmly and explicitly talk about how inappropriate this whole thing has been, which is great. They absolutely won’t listen to anyone not “on their side” and will dismiss other shippers/multishippers as bullying them and picking on them. Which is bullshit; this isn’t about ships. It’s about common human decency. And that’s why people who ship all sorts of things are coming out and saying, “Hey? That’s not okay. At all.”

So uh, yay for a moment of fandom unity? Before Wednesday ruins us all.