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holy crap henmi got a girlfriend

I was like, certain they were gonna use him in maybe some tiny side story/manga, pair him up with someone—or at least leave the option open. I guess it’s not like they can’t still, it’s just surprising to see a kind of main character in this series be presented as…well, at least still potentially bi? XD

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izayas replied to your post: aaaaaaah


lawl where have you been the past couple of days?? XD

It just started in this month’s Ciel and will run bimonthly along with Love Stage!!

It’ll cover all of the novel content :3

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ffff lord god

Shougo being all, “Oh, did I not tell you? Mom and Dad have known for a while,” when Izumi asks him and Rei if they’re dating.

Rei apologizing for keeping it from him and letting Izumi ask him absolutely anything he wants.

Izumi’s first question being how they’ve been together (10 years physically, but only recently did they ~join their hearts and bodies in mutual affection~) and then if Rei’s gay (bi! a roughly 7:3 ratio for guys:girls), and then wanting to know why Rei’s so tough XD

THERE’S SO MUCH TO LOVE. I’m just sad it’ll be so :(((( for at least a few chapters until Rei and Shougo start having fun.

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omg the Back Stage!! manga is going to be Rei explaining all about him and Shougo to Izumi ;~~~~~~; I LOVE THIS THING ALREADY. FUCK. BEST.

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Someone asked me recently where Back Stage!! fell in relation to Love Stage!!, as they wanted to know if Shougo and Rei were 100% officially together, no ~lingering affections~ for other parties, in the current LS canon.

In the left panel, Izumi has just asked Rei if he’s seeing someone (and then asks if it’s a man or a woman, which WOW?? I mean Rei didn’t exactly keep it a secret, and Izumi’d be stupid not to have realized Rei was speaking from personal experience, but he’s never told Izumi he’s bi before, so…this is new!), and Rei remarks that it is currently 9 months after the cliff fall (which happened last LS!! chapter).

On the next page (right panel), he goes on to explain that only a short while ago (probably within a couple of weeks at most) he and the person he’d been with for the past 10 years finally entered a state of mutually shared feelings (so, that would be the end of Volume 3 of Back Stage!!).

This means that, as of the current Love Stage!! canon, Rei and Shougo are not fully and completely open and in love in their relationship (but even so, they’re exclusive and have no problem admitting feelings for each other a long time before Rei officially gives up Seiya and admits his honest feelings for Shougo, so this isn’t such a big deal).

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Middle row is Love Stage!! shorts by Koujima Nadzuki (admittedly the only thing I’ve ever read by her was Bokura no Oukoku, but she has a very distinctive style…) and bottom row is stuff by Junko!

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Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai 6 illustrations (2/2)

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Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai 6 illustrations (1/2)