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Delphi catching some rays in the window.

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I might sound silly asking this but is it necessary to be on a computer to watch the Movie. I really want to watch it but I don't have a computer that works, can I use my phone instead?

You’re gonna need a computer at some point to watch, yeah :/ Unless someone uploads it to a streaming site.

You can download to the computer and then use an HDMI cable to hook to the TV, or download to the computer, just software to convert to a format viewable on your phone, and then watch on the phone…

But that’s about it? :/

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Your sub is perfect! Great job and thanks so much! I am waiting my Animate dvd copy, now! I swim in trifecta happiness last 24 hours (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

The box is so PRETTY! And it comes with a special little short story too! Just one more thing we’ve gotta take care of now XD

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Have my children.

Make me.


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Man, if I wasn't broke as heckie I would give all my money to you. ♪( ´θ`)ノ
asked by fronkgee

I would take that money! 8D

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Thanks again for subbing the movie! =] As you have been told plenty of times, the subs for the movie is beautiful! As for the credits, the english translation is fine, but the karaoke words are smushed together. Not that it really matters honestly, but just wanted to let you know! =D

Yeah, it did that for me on occasion as well, on different computers and in different programs, so I’m not 100% sure on the cause, but it wasn’t SUPER distracting for me, so hopefully it’s not that bad for anyone else having the same issue XD;

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I downloaded the movie and it was super quick! Perfect quality, everything was timed great and there was no hitch whatsoever! Thank you soooo much again for all the work you put into it, greatly appreciated and super happy!
asked by ariakenicole

Timing was a NIGHTMARE for the karaoke. It was my first time doing it and just @_________@ But it was worth it in the end!

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Thanks for the awesome job with the Yokozawa movie. Everything looked great. I even converted it to an mp4 file and everything worked like it should have. I used the Leawo Video Converter if anyone is asking about how to convert it over with subtitles still showing up. Anyway, thanks again for your hard work.
asked by katryne-kat

Hmm, one question I have is do the karaoke subs still show up fine? I tried doing that with imtoo video converter, which has done fine with preserving softsubs in the past, to view on my ipod, but it couldn’t handle the Japanese font for some reason and everything came out ????????

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Hello! Thanks so much for your hard work! I just finished downloading the Trifecta movie and while I haven't had time to really sit down and watch it, I did a quick check. The movie and subs play well on my Vaio (on VLC) as well as on our TV. :) The karaoke works a-ok on the laptop and doesn't work on the TV, but I believe that speaks more of the limitations of the TV than your subs. Thank you so much again. :)
asked by 13wildroses

Yeah, the karaoke effects are probably a little too heavy for some setups to parse correctly, but as long as they’re working for the most part, I’m happy! Thanks for letting me know! /confidence rises

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Hi, I'm kinda new to downloading anime and stuff.. And I downloded Yokozawa no baai <.< But I don't understand where the subs are, I can't find them.. Maybe I'm just stupid or something but please help me :/
asked by otakunea

Google “mkv” plus “subtitles” plus the name of whatever player you’re using.

I can confirm the file looks great on VLC player and MPC. Everything else is a crapshoot.