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These are the doujinshi from my haul that I’ve put on September’s “to scanlate” list :3 So far it’s 3 Kuroh/Shiro, 1 SaruMi, 1 Mikoto/Reishi, and the 3 parts following up the one Hosoya/Kaji piece we did before (now with porn 8D).

Still have a few more No.6 doujinshi to go through as well as the UtaPuri ones.

  1. skybluechocobo said: Hosoyan and…Y-Yuki now with Porn?!? *faints*
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  3. shinkirou-hana said: MikoRei! Ahhh I am so excited! (L) Thank you for your hard work as always!
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  6. aisarenai said: Yes, that MikotoRei one <3 I really loved the preview for it. A thank you in advance!
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