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My haul today! It may not look like I got that much in my time there, but the Free! stuff alone took forever to gather because it was scattered all over the east halls @___@ Fuck it for coming out when it did and not earlier so there could be a proper area :P Pretty much got lots of Sharkbait stuff (which, the porn, is all Haruka/Rin because Japanese girls are weird and while I could get behind the bossy bottom Rin, it doesn’t usually work well in doujinshi for me) as well as some Rei/Nagisa cuteness (the porn of which is again Nagisa/Rei—what.) Also picked up some pieces I thought would be gen, but there’s a MakoHaru vibe running through them so I probably won’t be holding on to them.

Got a bit of No.6 and MikoRei stuff, but really little this time. Managed to get two really sweet Erotica pieces though~

Tomorrow’s BL mangaka day. I’M STOKED.

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